Sep 4, 2016

3 Days in Philly

My boyfriend and I went to Philly with another couple for three days. We took wayy too many photos at Elfreth's Alley, a picturesque residential street from colonial times, and at the Philly Magic Gardens. Our poor boyfriends are blessed to have us. I think we took pictures for 3 hours in total LOL. Besides that, Philly was a small, very walkable city - a nice change from the fast pace city of NYC. 
On another note - those Adidas classics sneakers are everywhere this summer. As a kid, I had a friend who always wore them. I thought they were hideous. Now, I think they are so cute! But too basic. Luckily, I randomly found these slip on Adidas classic-esque sneakers. They are a fun play on the classics and I've only seen two other people wear these. They have a black/white version too - my cousin said it looks better,
What do you think?

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