Feb 21, 2016

To warmer days ahead

Hello! Its been a while. In the time I've been not blogging, it has been excruciatingly cold in New York City, just in time for fashion week. Now that it has heated back up to an abnormally warm February, I felt inspired to start doing fashion posts again and doing things for ME, not for other people. My style has evolved a lot since I've last posted about fashion. I like to think I've matured and taken on a more minimalistic approach.

I have been so out of the swing of blogging and fashion photography that I forgot to show the shoes!! AH, you'll just have to wait until the next post :)

Coat - a little shop in the underground malls of Guangzhou, China
Striped shirt - the mens' section of Bershka
Bag - the Philip Lim x Target collaboration

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