May 13, 2015

Spain Adventures

After not blogging for more than half a year, I think its time to get back in the groove. For the past 5 months, I've been traveling Europe, "studying" abroad, and getting little to no sleep. It's been an adventure of a lifetime and I definitely learned more about myself along the way, matured and evolved as a young adult. Here are some photos from my first leg of the journey in Spain.
 I believe this city was called Aracena. It was built over underground limestone caves which were really cool but we weren't allowed to take photos.
 Spain is known for tapas, which are essentially American appetizers except much cheaper. They are a small portion for people to just snack on or taste while people are getting together to chat or hang out. We went to this Michelin recommended tapas restaurant with THE BEST spanish food I've had in Spain. The picture above won an award.. which is cool.. but I wasn't too fond of it. It was mushroom cake with wine reduction sauce and egg yolk on top. Sure - its pretty! But I'm not the biggest fan of egg yolk and it just tasted too fancy haha. I much prefer street food.
 On the other hand, this same restaurant (called Eslava if you are ever in Seville, Spain) had THE BEST scallops. My friend said she had the best scallops in her life here.
 There are A LOT of Plaza de Espanas in Spain, and above is one of yet many Plaza de Espanas. This one in particular was the one in Seville, my city of residence for 5 weeks.
 A couple of my friends and I took a weekend trip to Barcelonaa *imagine it in a sexy Spanish accent*. Reflecting back on it, it wasn't the best idea visiting in the dead of winter. Sure, we had fun times, but I also had some uncomfortable situations.
 When I was younger, I had a strange obsession with poop. and toilets. Now, at 19 years old.. I still have a strong fascination in poop, and toilets - no shame. This poop, BY FAR, is THE MOST upright, cartoon-like fecal matter I have seen in my life. If you had seen this in real life, you would have been like WOW! Its like the emoji in real life.
 We also took a weekend trip to Lisbon, Portugal. It was a cool city. Some of my other friends who also visited there said that it was a very hip city and I agree. My only dislike was that all the tourist attractions were so far away so I felt like I didn't get to take in the full vibe of the city because as soon as you leave one district and go to another part of town, its a totally new vibe.
 Of course we had to get Portugese egg tarts from Pastries of Belem!
 Since Lisbon is a coastal town, they have amazingly fresh seafood to the point where if they did not catch the fish that day, they would not serve that dish on their menu.
 I went on a short weekend trip to Granada, Spain with a large group of friends. It is a beautifulll city known for its castle and quaint streets. Unfortunately, we went on a cold and rainy weekend so as we were walking up and down the castle (which was huge and beautiful) my feet were soaking wet and freezing.
Overall, Spain was a really cheap country to travel around in. Food, hostels, attractions and transportation were fairly priced and on the inexpensive end. I had a great time, more so because I took Spanish in high school so I had an easier time communicating and understanding street signs and culture. On the other hand, a lot of Spanish food - in day to day non-touristy life - was deep fried and they didn't eat much vegetables. Being Chinese, we like veggies. I had digestion problems to say the least. Lastly, ladies, Spanish men were good looking. If you like bearded, brown hair brown eyed men, you will hit the jackpot. I don't think I will visit Spain again because I feel like I've covered the country but who knows! Maybe I'll come back to visit Barcelona in the summer!