Aug 20, 2014

Random Hamptons Get-a-way

I'm alive! I think I haven't blogged in a month but fear not, I am back after a long hiatus of working. In the middle of my monotonous summer, I look a spontaneous day trip to the Hamptons and Montauk to get away from the stress and noise of the Big City. While out on the most eastern tip of Long Island, I saw 2 Maseratis and 1 Bentley and a bunch of other fancy cars. Everything was Hamptons-esque (like how you imagine it to be on Revenge), and made me feel underdressed in my all boring all black attire. At one of the beaches we were at, there were thousands upon thousands of jellyfish eggs being washed up on the shore. Pretty cool to look at - you should google the image lol. 
Well, Hamptons, until next time!