Jun 6, 2014

LA photo diary

As we flew from JFK to LAX, the plane flew over parts of the Grand Canyon. Coincidentally enough, one of my closest friends from NY was in that area when I was flying over it. I hung out with a few of my university friends from the west coast. The highlight of my trip with them was watching X-Men at a Drive-In movie theater! We do not have those in the tri-state area, and somebody should do something about that because Drive-In theaters are crazy fun and cool. I bet they would make it $rain$ during the summer. We also hiked down a giant mountain to get to a cliff-diving waterfall at the pit of mountain. To say the least, it was a long hike back up. Somewhere in the middle, we had a brief but enjoyable bonfire at Huntington Beach. I learned that you probably shouldn't wear sneakers in the sand.
On my last day, I visited Griffith Observatory with my family. As I was looking for my dad, who was holding everyone up by sightseeing through his binoculars, I spotted a very familiar face. A fashion blogger. A YouTuber. It can't be. In the distance, a girl with long black hair and a white dress twirled in the non-existent wind. A man knelt 10 feet away shooting pictures from his fancy DSLR. I walked closer, stopped, and a huge grin came across my face. She stopped too. She thought I was passing through the tiny observation deck. You may know her as Wendy from Wendy's Lookbook. Wendy & MM were both so nice and sweet, they made my morning! & It is weird to feel excited that I met the man behind the camera!? He even took our picture :D hence the amazing quality lol
Now, the last picture (Long Beach, CA). Do you see that black mark on the top right?! Somehow, somewhere, something flew into my camera! I didn't notice it until in Hawaii and as a result, I took significantly less photos than I normally do. But in all honesty, lets not blame it on the camera, I have changed quite a bit in my 18th year. It's not so much the camera, as it is me. I don't want to capture or "document" every part of my life anymore as when I started out 2+ years ago. It's pretty annoying carrying all these bulky cameras and lens you see. Plus, from taking a lot of pictures, I know what shots/landscapes/images will look good (according to my standards) digitally or in print. A lot of the things I saw (specifically in Hawaii) were "priceless" and would have taken time to set-up. Anyways- back to the black mark in my camera! I tried cleaning the mirrors but to no avail! In other words, I was stuck with a dash in all of my Hawaii photos.
-Wow I really felt like rambling today didn't I-

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