Jun 24, 2014

Hawai'i Photo Diary #2

We took a one day trip to the Big Island of Hawai'i, known for its coffee and Volcanos National Park. It was really hard to depict the beauty of this lush island through photos. It felt surreal driving on this 1 lane road when there was a huge green mountain in front of us, black volcanic rock besides us and the ocean beyond everything else.
 This view reminds me of the road in Ireland in that chick-flick "Leap Year" with Amy Adams LOL.
 Again, it was soo windy! I loved it. It was never too hot or too humid. The weather throughout the islands were extremely calming and refreshing.
 We also stopped at Punalu'u Black Sand Beach where, like the title suggests, there is black sand! Kind of crazy. If you dug beneath the surface, the sand was actually cool and moist.
 The waves at that beach were pretty intense as well. They weren't high, but they were wide and constant.
 And of course, the Volcano National Park. Don't expect to see any of those volcanoes you see in the movies or red hot lava. My mom did, and she was thoroughly disappointed. Why would the government allow people to come close to these volcanoes if they were incredibly active? Oh mom...
 1 of the 2 waterfalls I saw in Hawai'i LOL
 Somewhere in the middle, we wandered into this secluded trail engulfed by massive trees. Taking a photo does not produce the same effect that I felt standing there, but imagine it to be like the forests of Harry Potter, except all the trees were a much nicer version of the Whomping Willow.
Our last stop was Waipio Valley. I googled that it was a must see, but I was disappointed to find out that we couldn't get a good angle of actually seeing the valley. According to my brother, it was also frowned upon to go in the valley, as the locals do not enjoy rude (or as I like to call them - fob) tourists.
One thing I loved about Hawai'i was that there are no doors in many buildings. Many hotel lobbies did not have doors and everything was so open. Obviously there are doors to restaurants and offices, but even one restaurant we went to, it looked like it was indoors but as soon as we walked to the tables, it was outdoors. It's so nice how they are able to do that in Hawai'i, whereas in NY you have to worry about snow. :(

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