Jun 18, 2014

Hawai'i Photo Diary #1

The view outside my airplane window during taxing was insanely beautiful. Blue skies, turquoise oceans and sand everywhere! You will have to excuse that dot in all the photos, a speckle of dust entered my lens and I could not get it out for the life of me! 
We stayed at the end of Waikiki Beach in Queen Kapiolani hotel. This was the "ocean view" room. My dad felt chipped but I was expecting this. I noticed that the majority of the hotels on Waikiki beach were built so that the room balconies face the left and right, rather than directly facing the ocean. My guess is that you still get a partial ocean view with that type of a layout, so they dub the room an "ocean view" and it maximizes profit.
Waikiki beach was where all the tourists roamed. Including me. I find that after the sun sets, those few minutes where it is still somewhat bright is the perfect lighting. 
We hiked up Diamond Head, another tourist infested park. It is a volcano crater know for its amazing views at the top of the hike. 
Locals also hike here. If I could balance myself like that guy did, it would have made a heck of an Instagram picture.
The view from Diamond Head was breathtaking. The hike from the bottom up was hot. Once we reached the top, the winds dried all my sweat LOL and it felt amazing to stand there and look at the endless, blue Pacific Ocean.

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Amber Watson said...

These pictures look amazing! I'm so jealous. Looks like a lovely vacation.