Jun 6, 2014

End of May Roundup

Activities of my last week of May:
1. 2014 marks the 50th anniversary of the World Fair in New York's Flushing Corona Park. The park was filled with various food vendors, a tribute Beatles band and lots of families.
2. I kind of dragged my friend with me to watch the fireworks. I find that the largest traditional fireworks that don't have any color and slowly waterfall down to the ground to be the prettiest.
3. Whenever I visit the Met, I go to through the main stairs and always miss the Egyptian side. This time, I finally went to this beautiful, serene room where the Egyptian artifacts and tombs rest.
4. A lovely candid of my friend Kim.
5. This foamy looking dessert was made out of yogurt! (It tasted like soap) 
6. Picnic in Central Park! This was something I've always wanted to do and now I can happily check it off my bucket list.
7. BeautyCon NYC
8. My friend Fanny and I at BeautyCon, I had a great time! We shamelessly stocked up on free stuff ;) who doesn't love free stuff?

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