Nov 12, 2013

Metropolitan Opera House

Here are just some photos I took whilst visiting the Metropolitan Opera House at Lincoln Center.
 I chose not post a front headshot of the opera house because it does not give the enormity of this building justice. From the side, you realize how tall this building really is compared that man next to the tree. You have to go there yourself to experience the initial awe in the architecture of this magnificent building.
 If you look closely at the top, what do you see?! A creepy woman looking down at you! At first, I thought it was a ghost or a reflection of myself. As I stared at it, I realized it most definitely does not resemble me. So then I looked at the other photos I took, and she was still there!! I was trippin'. 
...But then I realized... the Metropolitan Opera House has a giant sheer billboard hanging from it's windows with a creepy woman's face on it... LOL
I watched a rehearsal of Rigoletto and inside the opera house, there were giant (and small) beautiful starburst chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.

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