Nov 9, 2013

Black on Black

Black is and always be trendy. However, recently, from catwalks to street fashion, I have seen countless fashionable women and men dress in all black. It is safe to say black is back. I wear black year round, but there is no better season to deck out in all black than in Autumn/Winter. 
The Phillip Lim x Target collaboration was probably the most anticipated fashion collaboration of the year. I was lucky enough to get my hands on of the cutest handbags. Although the quality is not as great as I would expect from Phillip Lim, I love the gold hardware on the bag. 
To give any black outfit more depth and dimension, add gold accessories or incorporate gold accents into each piece. When paired with black, gold adds a royal feel to your outfit. You can also play with textures. Mix and match leather, faux leather, wool, cotton, nylon, etc.
My friend Janet and I went to the Met and Central Park. It was a beautiful day. I feel like I say that every time (that it's a beautiful day), but its true! I guess I only shoot on days when its nice out haha.
Photos courtesy of Janet :)

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Great pics. Wish I was good at taking pictures. Still learing. =) Black on black is always the best staple =)