Jul 7, 2013

Boating Fun | Day in a Life

 To you fellow readers, I haven't been gone long, but to me, I've just spent 1 week in the hospital for brain surgery! Story for another day (possible vlog). I am well and healthy now, very very happy, and excited for the rest of this summer. A quick gist of what happened since my last adventure with Michelle, I got sick, and unfortunately had to quit my lifeguarding job. 
Enough digression, me and Michelle tried to snag last minute tickets to Shakespeare in the Park for the second to last show of "The Comedy of Errors". Unfortunately, we got lost, got on line late and did not get tickets ;( I was pretty bummed out because it was literally watching an episode of the Amazing Race where the path is next to you/in front of your face but you miss it! And that wasted 30 minutes of our time, which most likely cost us our seats. Additionally, Jesse Tyler Fergerson was casted in "The Comedy of Errors" and I am a huge Modern Family fan.
With not much in mind, we had a picnic, tooks pictures and went boating.
Whilst waiting, I was playing around with my DSLR & black & white photography ^_^
 This was not even a small portion of the line. Hence, we did not get tickets :/
 A lovely European couple took quite a lovely photo of us :) Michelle looks lovely as always
 It was a very hot day and many performers were working hard entertaining tourists. 

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