Mar 10, 2013

Union Square Farmer's Market and Chelsea Market

Saturday, I visited Union Square's farmers market, went shopping in the area and then ate at Chelsea Market. I took some meh photos while I was there.
The weather was gorgeous (but too warm for March due to climate change) so, it was crowded haha.
It feels nice to see people supporting local farmers. Plus, they have much better, natural (even organic) quality vegetable, fruits, meats and cheeses, you name it! Chelsea Market reminds me of Granville Island (in Vancouver) and South St Seaport (Downtown Manhattan) but with less fresh seafood. 
Last but not least, I figured I'd highlight some of my favorite bands and tunes that has been playing on my phone. 
I recently discovered Of Monsters and Men and woww! I wish I knew them earlier, I'm currently learning Little Talks on piano haha. Anyhoo, there's something calming and inspiring about folk music that I have fallen in love with. (not that the music in the picture is all folk haha)


neverdreamedaboutthis said...

looks like an amazing market, I have to go to NY! :)

Jenn said...

Thanks :) come visit!

Amber Watson said...

Jen :D

Rachel Hancock said...

Hello! Thank you so much for following me! I love your blog too! Its making me jealous of all the places you have been! xx