Feb 26, 2013

Mont Tremblant Photo Diary

left: Providence of Quebec flag (if you didn't already know)  right: self explanatory 
 Brother & I geared up ;)
Whilst the males went skiing/snow boarding, my mom and I went dog sledding.
At first, I felt really bad for the dog because they were barking and being chained. As we started the trail though, the awesome French guide told me they enjoyed running. It is how they get their exercise and huskies were born to run!
Dog sledding was a very cool experience. Two people can drive the sled in the back (me and the guide) while one person is in the sled, and you can switch. The dogs knew what their guides were telling them to do, they were very smart, and the guides were skilled drivers. It was kind of like snow boarding (I imagine, because I've never gone snow boarding haha) but much simpler.

Feb 22, 2013

Montreal Photo Diary | Winter Edition!

While driving from Quebec City to Mont Tremblant, I stopped by Montreal (since I would pass by there anyways) for a couple of hours to grab some lunch and walk around.

Quebec City Photo Diary #2 | Old Town: Winter Edition!

Le Parlement
Ice slide!
As I was walking down one of Quebec City's picturesque streets, I saw more and more people holding these things on a stick. Sure enough, when I reached the end of the street a lovely young lady was selling these maple syrup candies for $2 Canadian. She told me that the  maple syrup is cooked at a very high temperature and immediately cooled and rolled on ice to produce a sweet, taffy-like treat.
Le Fairmont Hotel

Quebec City Photo Diary #1 | Ice Carnival

Ice bar
Quebec City! You may know, I first visited this beautiful city last summer. This time, I visited in the winter for a ice festival and oh my - there is so much snow! So much snow that most houses have tents over their driveway to protect their car from the snow. It does not melt and makes indoor buildings pretty dirty because the snow melts and leaves the floor nasty looking haha. I (as did mostly everyone else) had to wear snow pants and boots everyday, something that I was not use to! It was quite a shocker and rather inconvenient.

Feb 14, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year!

I know I am a bit late, but here are a few things I did this weekend:
Bloomingdale's and Yue Magazine hosted a private event introducing Bloomingdale's spring/summer collection while having a Chinese New Year brunch catered by chef David Burke. 
Unfortunately, it was too packed to get good pictures of the models + clothing, however I vlogged some of it (and you can find it on the post after this one, or on my YT channel @ Jenn Zhang)
Champagne + flower
 Thank you Bloomingdale's for the lovely event!
 Mini scrabbled eggs with crab; how cute!
 End of the event