Jan 30, 2013

Dumbo, Brooklyn

Dumbo | Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass
The area is beautiful! 
There's some abandoned warehouses, some areas are newly renovated, others are still under construction. 
The view is sickkk.
Since it was winter, very few people were there so it was very peaceful and relaxing, besides the fact that it was bitingly cold.
And of course, there was a carousel there so I had to give it a go. Unfortunately, I do not look very happy in the picture, in fact I look pissed haha, but I assure you I was a very jolly fellow. :)
As soon as it gets warmer, I will definitely go there and walk across the Brooklyn Bridge in all its glory!

Jan 29, 2013

Amidst the Snow | Photoshoot with Stylish Delights

In between extreme temperature pikes, New York fell into a weekend of freezing snow. 
What better way to celebrate human caused climate change than with a photoshoot with my friend Michelle (who has just created a blog!) 
You can't tell in the photographs, but we were freezing our bums off! It was around 32°F/0°C. Nevertheless, it was fun.