Dec 20, 2012

Miss USA Won Miss Universe!

Last night I turned on the tv to discover that Miss Universe was on!
I only saw the parts during and after the evening gowns. 
I loved Miss Australia's dress! I thought Miss USA's dress and hair were very different than every other contestant's and that is what made her stand out. 
However, I believe that Miss Philippines had the better answer to her question and would have bet that she would have won, so I was a bit surprised that Miss USA won. However, Miss USA's answer was very down-to-Earth in the way that she didn't speak in such an elegant tone as everyone else did, it was more like she was just speaking heart-to-heart to a girlfriend. I absolutely loved Miss USA's make-up and Miss Venezuela's hair. Congratulations to all those women who competed and got so far! Congratulations to Miss USA / Universe (Olivia Culpo) ! She looked gorgeous :)
What did you think of the show? xx

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