Dec 18, 2012

Dinner Gala

This past weekend I went to a party at Grand Restaurant in the New World Mall in Flushing in Queens.
There's this KTV karaoke place in the restaurant but it temporarily closed down. I'm not sure why, it's really pretty but I think it had something to do with alcohol.
I love the restaurant's roof. It's really elegant and pretty. The food was ok. It could have been better.
In Flushing, there is a growing number of very fancy restaurants. Grand Restaurant is one of them and the food is average, nothing spectacular, the service is ok as well; I've never had a problem with their service, however, I've only eaten there for dinner and not lunch (when they serve dim sum). I love there decor, which is super Hong Kong-style. I only wish they didn't use so many different changing lights and colors.

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