Dec 23, 2012

Dinner at Red Egg

I went out for dinner the other night in Chinatown at the restaurant Red Egg on Centre St (off of Canal St).
It's an mix of an asian food with western design. I really like the restaurant, they have really good authentic food, the price is decent, the waiters/waitresses are really nice, and I love the decor. Check it out if you happen to be in the area. If you are Cantonese (like me!) you may hear their commercials all the time on the radio 1480 AM.
  My mom said she thought it was a strippers club haha. I mean... on the outside, it kind of does.
It's very off to a quiet street which makes it harder to find. It doesn't help that the outside does not look like a restaurant. 
It's poorly lit in there (not like the traditional Asian restaurants) but I like it. The lights are dope (although they are probably not energy efficient boo!). 

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