Dec 31, 2012

A Look Back: 2012

I started my blog! Part of the reason was because I wanted to record where I traveled or else I wouldn't remember it a few months down the road. You see, I have terrible memory. It's really something that I wish I could change about myself. :/
During February/presidents day break, I legitimately began my blog by blogging about something haha! I also visited a few colleges.
Junior year stress & swimming champs (we placed 2nd! woo)
Family emergencies (and tragedy) caused me to travel to Vancouver during the April/spring/Easter break. On top of that, AP exams were coming up and I had a whole load of work to study.
Terrible month, AP week(s) was stressful. Then, I went to Vancouver again where I got robbed and stranded (and as a result missed a lot of school) - a whole load of stress, just when I thought I could relax.
Still recovering from May, I had a load of school work to make up, along with SAT subject tests and the ACT to study for. Then, I got rejected for an intern I applied to. :( But I  finally finished junior year and toured the East Coast of Canada with my aunts and uncle. :)
It was a hard month, my grades were not what I expected and I was very confused. So, I basically spent my depressing days on the computer haha and swimming in the morning.
I became more busy by volunteering. I also procrastinated all my summer work especially since I hate reading! 
School started and senior year, by far, is much harder than junior year. I visited Yale with Michelle and it was soooo pretty (kind of like Hogwarts)! 
My last tennis season ended! I went to Homecoming (it was my first time) saw Taken 2 and got froyo.
Hurricane Sandy hit! Making me miss a lot of school D: But I finally sent all my college apps in! *hurray* I did not go Black Friday shopping, instead I stayed home and watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade on tv and cooked for Thanksgiving!  
The world did not end. I went into Manhattan for my friend's birthday (which is on Christmas Eve!) and also went to PA for 2 days to ski :) 

Overall, 2012 was a bad year. It was stressful, depressing and upsetting. Hopefully, 2013 will be better for me and everyone else. Hopefully, Obama puts strict regulations regarding the environment because I'm scared of an apoclapse due to global warming and its effects.


christian said...

Hi Jenn! I'm a swimmer as well, so I know what you mean about the mornings x) I think it's really coll that you're from New York, such a great place to live! I'm sorry to hear that your year didn't turn out so swell. Hope this year has started off well!

Jenn said...

Hi Christian, NY is amazing and thank you, I appreciate it.