Nov 6, 2012

General Thoughts on Vancouver & Canada

In NYC, you can find every type of food there is, but its hard to find good quality asian food.
In Vancouver, there is A LARGE amount of asian cuisine for GREAT quality.
I ate out almost everyday. It was a mix of dim sum, my aunts food, korean bbq, japanese food, and chinese food. Similar to NYC, more so in Vancouver, there is a lot of fresh seafood!
The city
ALL THE BUILDINGS ARE SO MODERN! Its beautiful! There's really no place else where you can ski and then go to the beach all in one day! (Quick fact: Vancouver has been rated the most livable city for the 5th time by some famous magazine or something.. pretty cool!)
This was me trying to do a jumping picture LOL -_-
Apparently Vancouver is the main exporter of the drug. Yes, its illegal to smoke weed in Canada, but everyone does it regardless. Not only that, but police do not really do anything about it because the paperwork takes hours. I know this is bad, but I can't help but laugh
Also, on 4/20 apparently, the whole downtown is in a haze of weed and "you get high just being there" not my words.. and the police can not do anything about it
Friendly people
GOSH they are so friendly and patient! If you're honked at, you know you did something wrong LOL
Height & Size
Who would have thought Canadians would be so tall and slim? Canadians = tall & fit
 Americans = short & fat
Their High-Tech Money!
Its so cool!
Basically, the Canadian government has got rid of their old $50 & $100 bills and made new ones that are made of polymers (plastic) so that it is harder to counterfeit and it will last longer in circulation.
(Also, they are getting rid of their penny because it costs more to produce than its actual value. Plus, life would be so much easier if things weren't $2.99 -_- or $1.59 per lb. And they are coming out with a new quarter soon, and it glows in the dark!) I wish the USA would get rid of our silly penny.