Oct 15, 2012

Homecoming & Updates

1. Me and Michelle were "twins" for Twin Day. 
2. We went to Homecoming and were at the Homecoming game, it was cold so I wore my awesome Canada gloves that I got in Vancouver after the 2010 Olympics! 
3. We are AP Scholars! 
4. Shoutout to my friend Jen who has an ice skating blog. & Shoutout to my friend Simran who asked me the other day "why I didn't blog anymore". Haha
Also, I spent a great deal of time in Manhattan this weekend. I went to a Baruch Open House, which was very cool. And if you've never been in the Hollister on Broadway/W Houston, you have to go. It's so cool in there, as if I were in Cali. I walked into Brandy Melville and I did not like it. It smelt like a wet umbrella if you forgot to leave it out to dry, and it was really crowded and not as big as I expected.
Also, I know I'm a sporadic (nice adjective!) blogger and I don't have a good excuse. My apologies! But, if you were wondering why... I've been busy with school. Tennis season just ended so hopefully I will get home earlier than 7pm and blog more frequently. :)
x Jenn

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